Great Glass Elevator featured in the Architects Data File (ADF)

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An eight-storey glass lift in an opulent Knightsbridge residence has taken glass engineering and construction to ambitious new heights. Steve Menary investigates.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is a renowned novel and the centre- piece of Roald Dahl’s fiction which has been brought to life in a new six-storey mansion in Knightsbridge, central London.

A glass lift is at the heart of the project extending eight storeys from the basement to a roof terrace that has created what’s thought to be a world-first in a residential property.

“We think that this project took glass engineering and construction to new heights, literally and figuratively, and it is likely to be the tallest self-supporting annealed glass structure in the world,” says Gennady Vasilchenko-Malishev from engineering consultants Malishev Engineers. full article full article on Great Glass Elevator