Building design (from small residential house design to large scale steel, concrete or timber structures)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) (from 3d modelling into fabrication)

Building retrofit (appraisal of existing structures and foundations, strengthening calculations, detailing)

CAT3 check

Civil engineering

Computer modelling (Parametric modelling, Finite Element analysis, Non-linear analysis, Impact analysis, Dynamic analysis)

Expert Witness

Façade engineering (from light transmission calculations  to acoustic and thermal performance)

Façade access engineering

Product design

Research and Development

Seismic design

Structural engineering (from light weight structures to conventional frame and wall structures)

Structural glass design (glass beams, glass columns, self-supporting glass structures, glass floors )

Special structures (sculptures, art installations, temporary structures)

Sustainable buildings design

Thermal modelling

Temporary works design