The Buildings by Daman

is a mixed-use office & residence complex of high-rise buildings at the Dubai International Financial Centre which is now completed. The client wanted an all-glass structure 24m long, 13.3m high and 7.5m wide to act as an iconic entrance to the buildings, which understood to be one the tallest self-supporting glass structure in the world.


. The structure consists of glass portal frames at spacing of 2m and 4m. At roof level a grillage of glass beams support rectangular roof panels up to 4m x 2.5m and span onto vertical glass fins. These glass fins are then supported in steel shoe fixings at existing RC slab. The structure is clad on all four sides with glass façade panels and incorporates 3 no glass sliding entrance doors with glass canopies above.

Malishev Engineers developed the concept design, detailed design, calculations (based on wind & seismic loadings – with a comparison of UBC, IBC & EC8 design criteria) and fabrication drawings.