Steel & glass features for the 300th anniversary of Omsk

As part of the 300th anniversary celebrations of the Siberian city of Omsk in 2016, the city administration decided to refurbish and renovate the existing Valikhanov street in the city centre. Newly refurbished street cuts through historic parts of the town, connecting it to the river Irtysh. The refurbishment project of this street is ½ km long, involved major work to existing infrastructure as well as the design and construction of several steel and glass features (“crystals”). The “crystals”  to be scattered along the street as if by an imaginary “wizard”. In total there were 11 “crystals”: In November 2015 our project won Structural Award

  • 3 canopies to the major road crossing, each measuring approximately 5.5m wide by 12m long
  • 5 information kiosks, each measuring approximately 3m wide by 3m long and 3m tall
  • 2 fountains, 1 small (2.5mx 4m tall), and 1 large (12m wide, 9m tall), which became de facto local “arcs de triomphe”
  • Stacked glass sculpture

Investor – Fund of strategic development of Omsk region


Main contractor –  IdealStroy

Architects of record: VIPS ( St Petersburg)

Specialist Sub-contractor: Iskon ( St Petersburg)

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