Malishev Engineers were commissioned to design snack kiosks in central garden park in Paris. There are few 3 kiosk in total in the garden. One on the kiosks is on the Place Valhubert entrance of the Jardin des Plantes, entrance bordering the River Seine, Paris’s 5th arrondissement (district). We were responsible for design development and fabrication detailing of steel and glass components for those kiosks. We were also instrumental in finding suitable metal fabricator for the works as well as coordination with specialist sub-contractor in France delivering the project.
The Jardin des plantes ( French for ‘Garden of the Plants’), also known as the jardin des plantes de Paris when distinguished from other jardins des plantes in other cities, is the main botanical garden in France. The term Jardin des plantes is the official name in the present day, but it is in fact an elliptical form of Jardin royal des plantes médicinales (‘Royal Garden of the Medicinal Plants’, which is related to the original purpose of the garden, back in the 17th century). Headquarters of the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (the French National Museum of Natural History), the Jardin des plantes is situated in the 5ème arrondissement, Paris, on the left bank of the river Seine, and covers 28 hectares (280,000 m²).

Since March the 24th, 1993,[1] the entire garden and its contained buildings, archives, libraries, greenhouses, ménagerie (which is a zoo), works of art and specimens’ collections are classified as a national historical landmark in France (labelled monument historique).