This project is a 8 storey high, 28 tall self-supporting lift enclosure for a residential property in Knightsbridge, London. The glass structure comprised of curved laminated glass cylinder of 1.4m diameter with cantilevered steel staircase wrapping around it. The glass shaft is split at each floor level with helical steel handrail which also acts as a splice joint between top and bottom glass panels. Lift shaft terminates with static and openable semi-circle roof lights as well as cylindrical roof top structure. Roof light is independently supported of cantilevered structure. When completed, in our opinion, the structure would be tallest self-supporting glass structure in the world.
Springer International Publishing AG, worlds leading publisher of scientific research, published our technical paper on Design of that glass lift enclosure  (article). This project was also presented at  the Challenging Glass 5, Conference on Architectural and Structural Applications of Glass, Ghent University, 16-17 June 2016